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Teen Transport — U.S. Youth Transport Agency

Do you need transport for your struggling teen? Is your troubled youth reaching out for help? Do you need help with your special needs child? Do you have questions about the many specialty boarding schools, wilderness programs and military schools? Please call 1-833-632-1248 and our professional and caring staff will walk you through this important time in your family's life.

Our Agents have safely and compassionately transported over 15521 children to date. We always provide 2 Agents to transport your child, from time of pick-up until we reach the program. We provide the right team to escort your child to ensure their safety and emotional well being.


Why Schools and Parents Prefer Us:

• We are specifically licensed and insured for the transport of minors.

• Cost-effective and caring transport for your child.

• In most cases we can be to your home in less than 8 hours.

• You will never get an answering machine when you call us.

• Highly trained and professional agents will personally walk you through this difficult time.

• All senior agents have more than 150 transports each to their credit.

• Locating runaways.

• U.S. Youth Transport Agency and its agents are California Trustline registered.

• We always provide the same two agents for the entire transport.

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We know how troubling this time can be for you, the parent. We understand the great deal of stress, both emotional and financial. We can provide you with the knowledge that your child will be treated as an individual, with respect, compassion and control.

We provide safe passage to and from Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Wilderness Programs, Boot Camps, Military and Specialty Boarding schools.

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