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About U.S. Youth Transport Agency

When the tough decision to send your child or loved one to a military school, youth treatment center, boarding school for troubled teens or any other type of program has been made, how to get them there is usually an after thought. Many times the relationship between parents and the child has broken down and the child is not willing to honor their parents wishes. The child often threatens to run away or possibly even hurt themselves or others. We are here to help. We only need the parents to ask, and our professional staff will make the transition as easy and stress free as possible, for you as well as your child.

U.S. Youth Transport Agency was founded on the principal of providing the most affordable, safe and secure way to transport your loved ones. We specialize in the transportation of at risk youth to private programs and schools. Our focus is and always will be the security and safety of our clients. Your loved one will be escorted by trained professionals, not only in the physical aspects but also in the emotional and psychological realm to make the transition as easy as possible for all.

All Senior Agents have over 150 transports each to their credit. Agents are trained in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. Agents receive an initial 24 hour training course and certify annually thereafter. This training must include the basics of Crisis De-escalation, Anger Management, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Conflict Resolution, and Non-Restrictive Physical Restraints when deemed absolutely necessary (if client is at risk of hurting self or others) also known as CPI.

We have Agents from various backgrounds including law enforcement, teachers, health professionals and other youth authority backgrounds, specializing in extreme behavior and substance abuse. Our agents are carefully recruited and undergo extensive training in areas of crisis management, verbal and non verbal communication techniques, personal safety and client control. We do thorough background checks on all our Agents.

We have safely transported hundreds of teens to programs and schools around the world. We are sensitive to the needs of each child, and treat them as an individual, with respect and compassion. Our Agents are firm but fair and are always honest. This builds a relationship with the child and lets them know that we are in control without being threatening. We take great pride in providing the right team to meet the transport objectives for you and your teen.

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