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Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Youth Transport Agency sets the standard for all transport companies, period.

We feel that the best transport is one that the parents can safely do themselves; however, this is not always the reality.

Many other transport companies tell you what to look for in their competitors, while not saying anything about themselves. We tell you how we operate, while they try to emulate us.

When can I expect to be able to speak with someone?

We are available 24/7 365. Just call 1 833-632-1248 and someone will speak with you immediately. You will never get an answering machine when you call us. We can answer any questions you have and help you through this difficult time. We are always here for you.

Who will come to transport my child?

Transport companies may say they have incredible CEOs and management experience, but who is actually doing the transport? All of our Agents are based out of our office and we personally know all of our Agents and train locally. We ALWAYS have the SAME two Agents transport your child from introduction, to sign in at the new facility. Our Agents know one another and are compatible teams, you can see our agents on our about us page. We work with your child during the entire transport process. All of our staff photos are on our website so you know who is coming to help your family, unlike other transport companies, not even they know, who is coming to escort your child. Many other transport companies pass your child off from one stranger to another during the whole process, keeping your child in a constant state of apprehension. They do this to save you money, but are still more expensive than us.

What kind of training and experience do your AGENTS have?

All of our Lead Agents have at least 150 transports to their credit. Our experience is your peace of mind. CPI, or Crisis Prevention and Intervention is our standard along with CPR/First Aid training. See can see our standards on how we operate. Many of our agents are off-duty police and sheriff deputies, teachers and nurses who deal with youth with special needs and troubled backgrounds. Unlike other transport companies who take a theoretical seminar and are deemed ready to handle the challenges of dealing with the complex issues of your child.

How do you get an uncooperative child to go with you?

Our Agents are physically fit and prepared to deal with any situation. We have never lost a child or not been able to get them where they needed to go. We are infuriated by private eye firms that think they can do this highly specialized work. We have nothing but sympathy for the families that WE need to go and transport their child after they have simply run away from one of these other so called transport agencies/private-eye firms. We pride ourselves on not only getting your child safely to their destination but also in the right frame of mind. We build relationships with your child. We converse and allow your youth to express themselves, within limits. We counsel your child, and affirm the parents love and concern for their well-being. We provide appropriate movies and music for your child during transport and any snacks and meals of their choosing. We set boundaries with your child and allow them all the respect and support we can during the entire intervention. Unlike other transport companies we DO NOT use sedatives or allow any use of tobacco products to achieve compliance.

How much do you charge?

We post our transport fees up front. All other transport companies say they charge a flat rate, but do not tell you how much until they find out more information, like, how much you make, which school you have chosen, and or, a lot of other factors. This is laughable as they do not post their prices and their prices are not all inclusive. Our number one job is to get your child where they need to go and in the right frame of mind. A close second is to save the parents as much money as possible while not sacrificing safety for financial gain.

Why are your Agents uniformed?

The question can cause some concern for parents. We do not treat children as prisoners. The uniform lets the child know that we are professional and in charge without ever saying a word. The uniform sets the tone; we set the attitude with our approach and reassuring manner. We have seen other transport agencies at the airport that look like hard core gang bangers, tattoos all the way down their arms and up their neck, wearing baggy pants and baseball hats backwards. How does this set the tone for a child? The transporters look worse off than the child being transported. The uniform also allows us a great deal of professional courtesy through the airport and in other situations. We act like personal body guards for the youth we transport, and that is how we are perceived.

What do I need to do now?

We provide for all aspects that the transport requires. The only items you will need to do are fill out the transport info form, then sign and FAX back the Permission to Transport Form. The Agents that will escort your child will personally walk you through every step of the way.

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