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How We Operate

What to do First:
Once the decision has been made to transport your child to a school or program we will require you to fill out the transport information form for your child. This is located on this website and will only take a few minutes. This will provide us with pertinent information on who best to send to escort your child to their new school. Once this is done please call the phone number above and an Agent will answer any questions, go over the procedures for transport and get to know more about your child. The itinerary for the transport will be gone over and finalization of any plans made. It is very important that your child is not made aware of your plans as the chance for them to run greatly increases.

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When We Arrive at Your Home:
We are able to obtain children at any time and location. However, the procedure that works best and is our standard operating procedure is to arrive at the child's residence early in the morning or very late at night to insure that the youth is at home, preferably in bed. The parents should meet the Agents at the front door with the clothes for the child to wear during the transport, any luggage, our paperwork, fee and contracts for the school, if applicable. These items will be placed in the car. You will then take the Agents back to the child's room, wake the child up and introduce the Agents and tell them that you love them and that the Agents are there to take them to school. The parents should then go to a part of the house as not to be seen by the child. This allows full attention of the child to the Agents. We have no problem with the parents listening in just so long as they are out of the presence of the child.

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The Transport:
The Agents will get the child dressed and take them directly out to the car. They will be placed in the back seat with the child locks on and one Agent will sit beside them. At this time we will proceed to the school. It is our policy to expedite the transportation, reaching the final destination as quickly as possible. We will call the parents as soon as we have delivered the child to the program and give a full report to the parents on the behavior and demeanor of your child during the transport. It is our policy that the child have no outside contact until they arrive at the program, so please no cell phones or pagers. It is very important for us to remove the child from the surroundings that they are comfortable in as quickly as possible, this makes them more dependant on the Agents and less likely of an attempt to run. All airline reservations and transport time lines are made with this in mind.

Our Agents will explain the program or school to your child to alleviate any fears they might have. The Agents will also coach your child on the proper attitude and outlook they should have for the program they are going to attend.

We try to treat each transport as a "road trip" including snacks and meals. Our transport teams carry portable DVD palyers to make the time pass more quickly for your child. U.S. Transport Service Agents are parents too, your son or daughter is in good hands.
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