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Parent's Guide

U.S. Youth Transport Agency understands that this is a very emotional and stressful time for parents. Therefore, we have developed some easy to follow steps and procedures to insure a safe and efficient transport process. We also understand that each transport is unique to its own circumstances. Modifications to these procedures will be dealt with as encountered.

Prior to Transport

Do not allow your child access to program contracts, brochures, transport information, e-mails, web addresses, or contact numbers, etc.

Parents are required to have all information completed for transport prior to Agents' arrival. All program contracts need to be finalized and the permission to transport for U.S. Youth Transport Agency must be signed and notarized. Checks and/or Money orders should be made out to the appropriate parties.

A Passport is mandatory for transports into or outside the United States.

Please disclose all appropriate information about your child including interests and hobbies. The more information we have about your child will allow us to better deal with situations as they are encountered.

U.S. Youth Transport Agency allows only one (1) carry-on bag for your child during transport. Larger suitcases, tote boxes, and roller bags are strongly discouraged. It is essential that our agents concentrate on your child rather than checking luggage and retrieving checked baggage.

Pack only essential items for your child's first day of the program. The school will have a list of required items necessary for their program. Please ship separately all other items not immediately required. All prescription medications must be given to the agents separately.

Do not send your child with a cell phone, pager, money or credit cards, etc. All snacks and meals will be provided.

Please inform the Agents of any weapons or items in the home that could be used to cause harm. If possible please remove such items before the Agents arrive.

Finalize dates of transport with the agents assigned to your case. Parents and agents will decide the best time and appropriate location to pick up the child. The ideal time and location to pick up the child is during late night hours at home while the child is asleep. In the case that the child must be picked up at a public facility (work, school, shopping malls, etc.) or at a relatives home, parents and possibly law enforcement may need to be present. This must be authorized by the agents prior to transport. The environment in which a child is picked up must be safe and secure for your child.

During Pickup and Transport

Parents will meet the Agents at the front door with the signed and notarized Permission to Transport Form, our fee, any luggage, and any contracts for the school, these items will be placed in the car.

Parents will hand the Agents clean clothes and sandals or flip-flop type shoes for the child to wear during the transport. The parents will then take the Agents back to the childs room, wake their child and introduce the Agents. Parents will explain to the child that they are being escorted to a new school. Tell your child that you love them, and you feel this is in their best interest. Parents will then leave the room and go to another area of the home.

The Agents will explain to your child what is happening and will dress your child in the clothes you have provided, then escort them to the car.

Parents will immediately be notified of any changes in the itinerary. The child will be told of the location of the school at the appropriate time. U.S. Youth Transport Agency strongly recommends that parents do not call the agents while the transport is in progress.

It is highly recommended that the parents write letters for their child to read during the transport. This gives you and your child a sense of closure, and will allow you to tell your child things that previously you may have been unable to.

After Transport

Upon arrival to the school or program, agents will ensure delivery of contracts, checks, and child's personal belongings, medications, and identification.

Agents will report the details of the transport to the Intake personnel.

Agents will then tour the facility, talk to the staff and where possible talk with students.

Agents will then notify you of your child's demeanor during the transport process and details of the school, staff and all observations thereof.

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