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Military Schools and Boot Camps

teen transport to military schools and boot camps
Military Schools and Boot Camps for at risk youth are very demanding and very different from the traditional military schools. Traditional military type schools will not accept or will not keep a child who does not want to be there. The focus on these types of schools is advanced achievement into a career in the military or college. Military schools for at risk youth focus on discipline, structure, self awareness and accomplishment. Respectable schools will have a program structured after the military model. First a boot camp induction with exercise, structure, direction and compliance. Following this the child will graduate to a school setting learning life skills as well as traditional school curriculum. The aspects achieved in the boot camp will still be employed throughout the school process, building confidence and a can do attitude. No school should ever have a break them down and build them up attitude. Only we are moving forward never backward and self respect through achievement and not punishment. The very reason to choose this type of program is to keep kids from jail, or prison and a punishment instead of an opportunity for a successful life.

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