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Programs and Schools

U.S. YOUTH TRANSPORT AGENCY retains its integrity by being independent from all schools and programs. These programs represent several possibilities which could best help your child, as every child has his or her own unique set of circumstances.

Agape Boarding School

Phone: (417) 276-7215
Email: news@agapeboardingschool.org
Web Site: www.agapeboardingschool.org

Agape' Boarding School's purpose and goal is two-fold. First, we want to work with each individual. We strive to change a rebellious and out of control boy into a God- honoring and parent-honoring young man; to be an honest, hard-working asset to the community in which he will live, with God's help. We also desire to help him achieve a personal walk with God. Secondly, Agape' Boarding School provides a college preparatory program that will prepare him for his chosen vocation in life. Our school helps your son to achieve an academic level of skills so that he may receive the credits needed for his diploma. This program serves both the student of high academic ability through an accelerated progression to college-level courses, as well as the student of more modest abilities through a flexible curriculum that allows the time for mastery of fundamental concepts and skills.

Asheville Academy for Girls

Phone: 800-264-8709
Email: Kathryn@ashevilleacademy.com
Web Site: www.ashevilleacademy.com

Asheville Academy for Girls is an accredited therapeutic boarding school for girls who are 10 to 14, located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The foundation of the program lies in relationship-based treatment—emphasizing high levels of family intervention, emotional safety, and healthy boundaries. AAG’s therapeutic boarding school provides girls with state-of-the-art treatment for girls struggling with anxiety or mood disorders, depression, low self-esteem, negative self-perceptions, learning challenges, and oppositional behavior. Asheville Academy offers a comfortable and safe environment for girls to learn new ways to interact with peers, adults, and their families.

BlueFire Wilderness Therapy

Phone: 844-413-1999
Email: rtreadaway@bluefirewilderness.co
Web Site: www.bluefirewilderness.com

BlueFire Wilderness believes that adventure activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and camping teaches teens confidence, broadens their perspectives, and strengthens family relationships. BlueFire Wilderness is a wilderness therapy program that focuses on the healing power of nature and adventure therapy. Their wilderness therapy program provides treatment for adolescents struggling with defiance, depression and anxiety, ADHD, school refusal, trauma, and unhealthy addictions. Founded and located in Boise, Idaho, BlueFire Wilderness combines the best of individualized clinical work, family therapy, adventure activities, and equine therapy to help boys and girls 11 to 17 years old.

Diamond Ranch Academy

Phone: 1-877-372-3200
Web Site: diamondranchacademy.com

Diamond Ranch Academy is a Licensed Youth Residential Treatment Center for troubled teens from ages 12 to 17, located on 200 acres, in Utah's beautiful color country. We integrate an accredited academic curriculum with a comprehensive therapeutic component. Through a real-life learning model, we shape behavior in a non-threatening environment. Self-esteem and emotional health grow naturally as positive behavior is encouraged and rewarded. This growth is nourished as it becomes an integral part of the individual. The use of natural rewards and consequences in the Real Life Transition Program helps teens in dealing with both success and failure. Certified teachers provide a student-paced curriculum within the structure of a traditional classroom environment. Our licensed therapists are on site, interacting with youth, groups, family units and staff on a daily basis. This support intensifies and compliments all activities and experiences of the program. Our unique atmosphere helps teens and parents build emotionally healthy relationships, thus healing families one youth at a time.

Discover Seven Stars

Phone: 844-601-1167
Email: tim@discoversevenstars.com
Web Site: www.discoversevenstars.com

Discover Seven Stars is an assessment center and therapeutic program offering students and their families the opportunity to build lifelong skills and confidence through their comprehensive facilities and treatment plans. Discover Seven Stars works with children ages 13 to 18 struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders and other mental health issues. The program utilizes the best in residential, wilderness adventure, and outdoor environments to develop personalized and strengths-based approaches to help students achieve success. Located in Syracuse, Utah, this top assessment center combines residential treatment with wilderness adventure therapy to offer a tremendous opportunity to learn, practice skills, build awareness, mindfulness, and self-efficacy.

Elevations RTC

Phone: 855-290-9681
Email: tfoy@elevationsrtc.com
Web Site: www.elevationsrtc.com

Elevations RTC is a leading co-educational residential treatment center addressing an adolescent’s need for physical, emotional and mental outlets through structured community service learning, fitness activities, outdoor education, experiential education, and leisure education opportunities. Elevations RTC co-ed setting for adolescents 13 to 18, provides teens with an environment similar a traditional high school, while also incorporating clinical and therapeutic approaches necessary for long-term success. Located in Syracuse, Utah, the highlights of its clinical program include: weekly clinical and therapeutic services, expertise in ADHD, Executive functioning, Trauma focused therapies, Substance Use, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Art Therapy.

Equinox RTC

Phone: 877-279-8925
Email: kyle@equinoxrtc.com
Web Site: www.equinoxrtc.com

As a residential treatment center, Equinox RTC provides a nurturing, balanced, and healthy lifestyle for boys through their positive and inspiring environment just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Their program emphasizes family therapy, adventure therapy, physical fitness, and nutrition to help boys and their families learn to believe in themselves and have hope for the future. Equinox RTC is a residential treatment center that specializes in the emotional and behavioral struggles of teen boys ages 14 to 18. The therapeutic program includes accredited academics, psychiatric services, and outdoor adventures that leads boys on a path towards success.

Foundations Asheville

Phone: 828-817-9520
Email: aray@foundationsasheville.com
Web Site: www.foundationsasheville.com

Foundations Asheville is a transitional living program that helps young adults who are struggling to find independence and set goals for themselves. Foundations Asheville Therapists, teachers, and mentors work collaboratively to help students meet specific goals, learn life skills, and become active members of their community. Specifically, for young men 18 and older, Foundations is in Asheville, North Carolina. Foundations transitional living program offers a variety of educational opportunities including life skills classes, service learning, vocational training, and adventure excursions. At Foundations, students are exposed to real world experiences while living in a structured, supportive environment.

Michael Collins

Phone: 402-405-5795
Email: mike@michaelcollins.life
Web Site: www.levellife.me

We are available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week LEVEL Therapeutic Educational Consulting finds immediate placement for your teen or young adult; serves as your chief advocate and case manager helping to navigate difficult decisions; organizes the best national team so your teen or young adult can start feeling better faster.

Pacific Quest

Phone: 808-937-5806
Email: mark@pacificquest.org
Web Site: pacificquest.org

Pacific Quest is a unique, internationally recognized wilderness therapy program for struggling teens and young adults, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We go beyond traditional wilderness therapy and teach sustainable life skills, not hiking and survival skills. Our wilderness program model provides students an opportunity to view the working farm and sustainable agriculture as a mirror for life’s challenges and rewards. Owned and operated by a veteran team of professionals, we offer a holistic, yet highly clinical approach to treatment that is individualized for each student. Our small, exclusive program offers the most innovative wilderness therapy curriculum in the industry. Through experiential education, a unique approach to health and wellness, and sustainable gardening, Pacific Quest provides a structured yet flexible wilderness therapy environment that serves the individual needs of each student, cultivating an experience with personal meaning and importance.

Petty Creek Ranch

Phone: 406-722-3226
Email: pettycreekranch@gmail.com
Web Site: www.pettycreek.com

Petty Creek Ranch is a Catholic wilderness experience program for at-risk teens. Located in Alberton, Montana, we are a boy's only facility that helps young men (12-18 yrs) grow and meet their full potential. Petty Creek Ranch offers a wide variety of evidence-based treatment approaches and has a team of highly skilled direct-care and clinical staff. As a long-term residential program, we pride ourselves on the recovery-oriented system of care we are able to provide within our vibrant culture and positive peer milieu.

Rocky Mountain Frontier

Phone: 307-645-3363
Email: mattrschneider@gmail.com
Web Site: rockymountainfrontier.org

Rocky Mountain Frontier is a unique alternative to traditional methods of behavioral therapy. Our wilderness/ranch program helps teen boys reconnect with the natural world and establish a personal foundation that is rooted in Christian values and principles. Located in the mountains surrounding Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming, our beautiful cattle ranch is home to a program that gives boys an opportunity to experience a better way to live. Our Love and Logic approach to life coaching at Rocky Mountain Frontier is reality based with natural consequences positive or negative. Reality therapy is a specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy that is more focused on three major factors: a realism that is focused on the present and the here and now, personal responsibility, and the presence of a moral right and wrong. Our nature-based program and values-based mission make us a perfect fit to use reality-based life coaching to help improve the life and behavior of the teen boys in our care. Here he will learn what works for him to ensure positive self-growth throughout life that he developed NOT someone else. Therefore, it will be his goals that he accomplished with our support in a protected environment with structure to help guide him through this journey.


Phone: (800) 584 5005
Email: info@shelterwood.org
Web Site: www.shelterwood.org

Shelterwood is a licensed Christian residential teen treatment facility. Our counseling program is dedicated to helping troubled teenagers find restoration through Christ-centered relationships. We believe that every interaction is a therapeutic opportunity that helps teens change their behavior from the inside out. Shelterwood provides individual, group, and family therapy along with an accredited school and mentorship program.

Solstice East

Phone: 855-672-7058
Email: becca@solsticeeast.com
Web Site: www.solsticeeast.com

Located outside of Asheville, North Carolina, Solstice East specializes in helping teen girls ages 14 to 18. As a top residential treatment center, Solstice East provides treatment for multiple issues including: anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, low self-esteem, addictions and other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Their residential treatment center is unique because it has a therapeutic focus on the Hero’s Journey, which includes themes found in literature, theatre and film. At Solstice East girls see their own advances through personal challenges as a journey for becoming their own hero and true self.

The Pinnacle Schools

Phone: (256) 518-9998
Web Site: www.thepinnacleschools.com

The Pinnacle Schools adventure programs provide diagnostic, assessment and intervention services supplemented by a clinically supported outdoor challenge. The programs feature physician directed medication management, clinician facilitated group/individual therapy, accredited academic curriculums and state certified educators. The Pinnacle Schools addresses the needs of many students, common issues include but are not limited to: alcohol/drug use & abuse, defiance, poor school performance, obesity, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers etc. The therapeutic intervention provided by our programs stops negative behavior patterns and assists teens in discovering their strengths, talents, and potential. The wilderness experience promotes esteem-building, new thought processes and communication skills development. These assets become the tools necessary to build productive, self-confident and goal-oriented teens.

Trails Carolina

Phone: 800-975-7303
Email: dlank@trailscarolina.com
Web Site: www.trailscarolina.com

Trails Carolina helps youth work towards long-term change through evidence-based therapies, wilderness practices, and experiences in nature. Their wilderness therapy program helps youth struggling with a variety of issues including: school refusal, substance experimentation, social and emotional issues, and neurological challenges. Treatment is provided for children between the ages of 10 to 17. Each of the program therapists have different areas of expertise which allows the program to provide everyone with the care they need based on age, gender and type of issue. The mission of Trails Carolina is to empower students to make lasting changes and prepare them and their families for life after Trails.

Turn About Ranch

Phone: 1-800-842-1165
Web Site: www.turnaboutranch.com

Few images capture the imagination more strongly than that of the American Cowboy - this powerful icon of the American West captivates and inspires teens who have become jaded and hostile toward authority. The Ranch setting takes defiant teens out of their comfort zone and reminds them that success is achieved through teamwork and cooperation, not through entitlement and manipulation. They learn that while they might feel entitled to get what they want, when they want it, in the real world rewards come through dedication and hard work.

Viewpoint Center

Phone: 855-290-9682
Email: rnelson@viewpointcenter.com
Web Site: www.viewpointcenter.com

Viewpoint Center is a small, intimate, personalized co-educational assessment center for teens ages 12 to 18. It is highly specialized in therapeutic stabilization, assessment, and diagnosis for adolescents and their families struggling with a variety of mental health disorders. Their top reviewed assessment center provides individual, group, family, and medical consultations by combining intensive therapy, psychiatric care, and medical care 24/7. The goal of Viewpoint Center is to help clients receive a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan to further their journey towards success.

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