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Residential Treatment Center

teen transport to residential treatment centers
Residential Treatment Center or RTC programs constitute about 80% of all the programs available for troubled youth. They vary greatly in the way they approach the youth’s needs, however. Each of these programs will have an induction program to assess the individual needs as well as a detox time period. These schools should be accredited and your child should be working towards a high school diploma. Life skills and therapy should also be included. Many schools will add therapy as an ala carte feature, but be aware of costs and average length of stay. These schools also range from lock down type facilities to open campuses where students can come and go as they please. Depending on your child’s needs and your expectations of success you should be very careful in choosing the right program that offers real world experience, social integration, academic success and confidence to stand up to negative peer pressure. These schools range in time from 8 to 24 months, the average stay at a reputable program is typically 12 months.

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